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About our Manning Great Lakes Skin Cancer Clinic - Latest Skin Scanning Technology, No Referral Necessary, Highly Trained Doctors.
anning Great Lakes Skin Cancer Clinic, Taree, Wingham, Forster, Tuncurry, Latest Skin Scanning Technology, No Referral Necessary, Highly Trained Doctor
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About our Clinic
Are the Doctors in the Clinic Specialists?
No, the Doctors are General Practitioners who have a “Special Interest” in skin cancer medicine.
Do I need to make an Appointment?

Yes, if you phone 02 6550 1733, and speak to our Receptionist, she will make an appointment for you.

What is Involved in a FULL Skin Check?

Because this is a “skin” clinic, the Doctor needs to see your skin. Your will be asked to undress, but leave your underclothes ON. You will be asked to lie down on the examination couch, face up. A covering sheet is available to use. The Doctor does a toes to head check, so you need to take shoes and socks OFF. Because up to 10% of melanomas occur in areas of the skin that have never seen the sun, the Doctor will discreetly check the skin covered by the underclothes – if you do NOT want this part checked, please tell the Doctor. After checking the front of your body, you will be asked to roll over, so that the back of your limbs and trunk can be checked.

What about “make-up” and nail polish?

To see your skin properly, nail polish should be removed before coming to the Clinic. Why? Because some melanomas occur under the toe nails and finger nails and leave brown pigment streaks that give an indication of their presence. And NO MAKE-UP. It is impossible to clearly see skin that is hidden by make-up, and so skin cancers could be missed. Please NO MAKE-UP !

What does the Doctor use to check my skin?

The Doctor uses a hand-held light with in-built magnification called a dermatoscope; to check the skin. Another valuable machine is available which can perform “digital dermoscopy” – this allows much greater magnification of skin lesions, and has the ability to permanently record a dermoscopy image. Further images can be taken as time goes by, and the current image can be compared to all previously recorded images. Not everyone will need to have this permanent record made, but it is very helpful in diagnosing possible melanomas in particular. We have the facility of emailing these recorded images to the Pathologists who look at lesions that have been excised, to aid them in making the correct diagnosis.

How often should I have a skin check?

We recommend annual skin checks, but sometimes more frequent checks are advised by the Doctor.

What do I do if a find something that worries me in between annual visits?

If a new or changing skin spot is noticed, you are welcome to ask the Receptionist for a “spot” check. This means that when you see the Doctor, he/she will look at that spot only, and advise you accordingly. This does not involve a full check.

Do I need a Referral from my own Doctor?

No referral is necessary, but some Doctors do refer Patients to us. If your Doctor sends a letter with you, we will communicate with your Doctor on our findings, and results of pathology.

At What Age Should Skin Checks Commence?

Skin cancers are rare in children who have not reached the age of puberty. After puberty, skin checks are recommended. We are happy, however, to check younger children, if a Parent desires.